The Grande Age of Hyboria

Black powder wargames between imaginary nations (or imagi-nations as they are often called) have been a wargame staple for decades, popularised by the likes of C.S.Grant in Charge! Taken with the idea and the availability of cheap 28mm scale Napoleonic plastics I have decided to have a go at my own imagi-nation games, but rather than devise my own pseudo-Europe I have taken Hyboria, the wonderful creation of Robert E. Howard, as a template for my games. Conan may now be long dead and his exploits just the stuff of legend, but the land he knew is still gripped by war...

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Aquilonian Test Pieces

When painting your own uniform design it's always worth testing it on a couple of test pieces before subjecting an entire regiment to something that looks good in your head but might not work in real life (!). To this end I painted up a couple of spare HaT Voltigeurs in my proposed Aquilonian Line Infantry uniform.

Overall I am pleased with the look, my only concern is whether the dip I have used is too strong and whether I should use a lighter one. It certainly provides a nice degree of depth and a slight "on campaign" feel but I'm not sure. As I need to get a new can of white undercoat before tackling the first unit I have a day or two to ponder.

Finally, the Bavarians have arrived. Lovely models but moulded in a shocking bright mid-blue!


  1. The dip looks good to me. I prefer a darker shade as it helps the figures retain their definition from a distance.

    Looking forward to seeing the rest get painted (says a lazy git who hasn't touched a paintbrush in weeks).

  2. Yeah, dip looks good to me too.

  3. I think that they look good as they are. They have a campaign look to them rather than a parade ground look, which is what you want for real, fighting soldiers.

  4. Personally, I'm a 'parade ground look' man, but I reckon you could stay with the dip you're using. Those figures look fine: brightly coloured (for the spectacle of the thing) yet looking as though they know what soldiering is all about (for the 'realism').