The Grande Age of Hyboria

Black powder wargames between imaginary nations (or imagi-nations as they are often called) have been a wargame staple for decades, popularised by the likes of C.S.Grant in Charge! Taken with the idea and the availability of cheap 28mm scale Napoleonic plastics I have decided to have a go at my own imagi-nation games, but rather than devise my own pseudo-Europe I have taken Hyboria, the wonderful creation of Robert E. Howard, as a template for my games. Conan may now be long dead and his exploits just the stuff of legend, but the land he knew is still gripped by war...

Saturday, 21 August 2010

The Argossean Army

Whilst Argos, as the premier Hyborian maritime power, will be largely influenced by C18/19th Britain, I wanted to avoid having the army look like Wellington's "scum of the earth". Looking at what HaT has in production (and what is planned) I have opted to use their Bavarians for the bulk of the Argossean infantry and have ordered a box each of (28010) Bavarian Infantry Marching, (28011) Bavarian Infantry Action Poses and (28012) Bavarian Infantry Command.

I really like the unique look of the Raupenhelm, which has a vague feel of the Tarleton, and looks great on infantry. With HaT not doing cavalry at present I will probably look to the Perry Miniatures and their (FN120) French Heavy Cavalry includes the option to make the figures up as Carabiniers who sport a similar looking helmet so will help the overall theme.

Looking at the map of Hyboria, Argos is an ideal enemy for Aquilonia, the country occupying the easiest route to the sea and thus thwarting the imperialist ambitions of the mighty Aquilonia.

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